Diligence. Innovation.

AX Law is a new generation law firm built on a wealth of experience and comprises a talented team of diverse backgrounds and specializations.


Unparalleled Legal Expertise with AX Law

At AX Law, our mission is to equip clients with ground-breaking legal strategies and staunch advocacy.

We symbolize a progressive law firm deeply committed to delivering first-rate legal services. The success of our clients is a testament to our capacity to tackle complex legal challenges across a range of legal domains, illustrating our adaptability and profound understanding of legal complexities alongside a unique understanding of our clients’ needs.

Cross-border Expertise

Our team of lawyers are licensed to practise law in various jurisdictions including the Bolivia, Italy, Lebanon, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates as well as the United Kingdom.

Our team is multilingual and possesses immense knowledge about applicable laws, accepted business practices, industry specific regulations as well as the latest developments within today’s legal landscape. We work tirelessly to earn your trust and we are dedicated to ensuring successful outcomes for our clients.

Practice Areas & Sectors

Commercial & TMT

AX Law stands at the forefront, offering specialized legal services.

M&A and Regulatory

Precision, strategic thinking, and attention to detail are paramount.


Projects, Project Finance & Construction

Dedicated to providing legal support to businesses and investors involved.


AX Law is your trusted partner in achieving your financial objectives while maintaining the highest standards of compliance and security.


Disputes Resolution

Handling disputes that range from commercial issues to construction, employment.


Energy, Oil & Gas

AX Law brings deep legal expertise to the table.

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