Digital Content in Saudi Arabia: Investments and Regulations for a Market on the Rise

Gianluca de Feo and Ashleigh Bruce of AX Law explore both newly promulgated and soon to be implemented regulation of digital content in Saudi Arabia, in particular in relation to competition and liability in the sector.

Since the establishment of the Digital Content Council in 2021, Saudi Arabia has provided significant support to the development of a local digital content market by allocating large investments and improving the regulatory framework to stimulate its expansion.

As part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, the digital content market is set to grow domestic production and jobs in the sector as well as increasing local content share and revenues in four main verticals: video, audio, electronic games, and digital advertising.

The recent issuance of multiple regulations and laws dedicated to digital content is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s serious commitment to promoting the digital content market.

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In essence, understanding and protecting your intellectual property rights can provide a significant advantage in today’s innovation-driven market. Remember, safeguarding your creations isn’t just about claiming ownership; it’s about nurturing innovation, encouraging creativity, and maintaining a competitive edge. For more nuanced guidance, consult with a legal professional experienced in IP law.

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