Law and Practice in Saudi Arabia

Law and Practice in Saudi Arabia, published in the widely-recognised ranking Chambers & Partners, where members of our firm thoroughly explain the workings of the FinTech Market in Saudi Arabia: from its evolution, to each of its predominant Business Models.

As Saudi Arabia climbs up the ladder of global growing economies, increases trading with international partners and captures the attention of the world with its ground-breaking Vision 2030, the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) is the driving force behind the innovation in the financial sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). SAMA’s innovation in the financial ecosystem is currently particularly focused on open banking as one of the multiple bricks that will contribute to shaping the new diversified Saudi economy.

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In essence, understanding and protecting your intellectual property rights can provide a significant advantage in today’s innovation-driven market. Remember, safeguarding your creations isn’t just about claiming ownership; it’s about nurturing innovation, encouraging creativity, and maintaining a competitive edge. For more nuanced guidance, consult with a legal professional experienced in IP law.

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